Top 30 Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Server List 2016

While surfing Internet in school Wi-Fi, college or your workplace, you might have encountered error message “Access Denied” or “site is blocked”. This is common but you know, what is one of the easiest ways to access blocked sites? If you try to access social networks or video sharing websites, you will usually find them blocked. Proxy website provides you a way to access blocked sites and turns to be lifesaver at many times.

Even according to regions also, website owner himself blocks their website and irritates a lot when you try to access such website but it’s always end in access denied. Sometimes, its your country’s law that disables access to certain websites. Or sometimes, it’s just your Internet Service provider who blocks certain websites for you.


Whenever you want to access blocked website, Proxy website is the hope that allows you to surf Internet anonymously. Want to know how proxy websites work and give access to even blocked website?

How Proxy Server works?

Whenever you make a request for any resource while connecting to web proxy server then proxy server forwards your request to target server on the behalf of client and fetches requested resource and allows you to access requested website. It allows accessing blocked websites without revealing the identity of real servers.


Proxy websites are easy to use. Just visit any of trusted and safe proxy sites and enter the URL of website that you want to access or visit or any particular webpage, you will land to respective website or webpage without any error or problem. These proxy websites also called reserve proxy as these hides the identity of server through which you are interacting. It acts as an intermediate for associate serves.

But this is also true that not all proxy websites are safe to use as many of them contains malware, virus and many other proxy websites that might end up stealing your personal information. So, keeping your privacy and security in mind, we are providing you top 30 Proxy sites which are not only trusted but are safe and fast too.proxxy_server3

This proxy websites will let you unlock websites which are unavailable in your region, browser blocked social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or other social media, explore banned sites and more.

Top 30 Free Proxy Sites –

Free Proxy server list 2016

  1. Unlock My Web –
  2. Proxify –
  3. FilterByPass –
  4. Hide My Ass –
  5. Free YouTube Proxy –
  6. Proxy Site –
  7. Unblocker –
  8. England Proxy –
  9. New IP Now –
  10. Fast USA Proxy –
  11. Rapid Proxy –
  12. Free Proxy Server –
  13. Free You Proxy Tube –
  14. FB Proxies –
  15. America Proxy –
  16. World Cup Proxy –
  17. Greatest Free Proxy –
  18. Me Hide –
  19. Proxy This –
  20. PHP Proxy –
  21. 4Ever Proxy –
  22. KProxy Site –
  23. America Proxy –
  24. Brazil Proxy –
  25. See Proxy –
  26. Surf Proxy –
  27. Fish Proxy –
  28. King Surf Proxy –
  29. US Proxy –
  30. US Proxies –

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