‘Pokémon GO’ is Finally live in India, ‘With Its Gen 2 Egg Update


Pokémon GO’s latest update, which adds baby Gen 2 Pokémon to the egg hatching lottery, has been seen a…mixed reception among fans. While there are defenders of the game who will praise any “free” update the game gets, others are disappointed by the fact that this reveal was a lot less than they were hoping for, as many predicted the release of Legendary Birds or Mewtwo, or a full Gen 2 launch. Others aren’t too happy about the way this new addition to the game works in practice.

I don’t want to rehash the first point again. Yes, I do think Niantic trapped themselves by promoting “new Pokémon” in the game and delivering anything less than Legendaries or a full Gen 2 roster, but I can understand why theoretically now isn’t the best time for either, given the season, and given that it’s still really only been five months since the release of the original game. I get why 100 new fully-animated Pokémon might not be ready for action yet, given everything else the still-small Niantic team has been working on.

But today I wanted to talk about the content of the update itself, namely the decision to only allow these new Pokémon to hatch from the existing egg system.

This is genuinely the first time I’ve felt that Niantic added something to the game that seemed explicitly “pay-to-win.”

Yes, it’s true that any player paying for incense and lures and XP eggs and such will have an overall leg up in every aspect of the game, from leveling to catching to battling. But there is no true “winning” in Pokémon GO because the goals are so nebulous and vary from person to person.

The goal is not nebulous with this new update. The goal is specifically to get these seven new baby Pokémon, and the only way to do that is to hatch them from eggs.


Previous events, from Halloween to Thanksgiving, revolved around simply playing the game. For Halloween, you could go outside and catch a bunch of Ghost Pokémon and get bonus candy for doing anything. For Thanksgiving, you could get double XP and randomly find a Ditto in the wild. Yes, buying stuff would “accelerate” your bonuses to a certain extent, but the content of the event was right there, waiting to be played.

This is not the case with egg hatching.

A free-to-play player who is only using one incubator is at an enormousdisadvantage over someone like me who is using nine incubators, if their goal is the hatch these baby Pokémon. Each additional incubator they buy will directly increase their chance of getting these new baby Pokémon from anywhere from 2x to 9x because of how many eggs they can be incubating simultaneously.

This is new territory for Pokémon GO. They have never structured an update so that it gives such a clear advantage to paying players before. And with relatively low hatch rates on these baby Pokémon, which appear in now-rare 2 km and 10 km eggs as well as common 5 km eggs, F2P players could walk until their feet bleed and they still might never find one. Going through one egg at a time to try and find these egg-only Pokémon is a brutal process. Previously, eggs were just bonuses to find elusive Pokémon you hadn’t seen in the wild or to get lots of candy for others. But here, making eggs the only way to get these new Pokémon, is something that is essentially grabbing players by the collar and screaming  “Buy incubators!” into their face.

In addition to heavily favoring paying players, I simply don’t think this is a very good addition to the game in its current form. Using the existing egg system, by simply inserting these baby Pokémon into the “loot pool” is a poor way to increase engagement during a time when the game desperately needs it.


Pokémon Go has expanded to a new region about once a month, launching in Southeast Asia and Oceania back in August, parts of the Balkans and Central Asia in September and some of the Middle East in November. Today, the game is finally opening in India and these South Asian countries: Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In a post announcing the expansion, Niantic specifically apologized to their Indian fanbase, citing “a few administrative challenges” that delayed the launch. Players in the country won’t just have Starbucks hotspots, either: regional LTE mobile network operator Reliance Jio has made 3,000 of their stores and partner locations into PokéStops and Gyms. This mobile provider partnership shouldn’t be a surprise, as Niantic partnered with over 10,000 Sprint stores last week to provide American users with the same hotspot action.

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Hidden Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has become a sensation is quite a short period of time. You can see Pokemon fans moving in the park or in the streets catching Pokemon on their Pokemon Go app. People are competing to get rare Pokemon and to get more number of Pokemon.

But now you can also become the Pokemon master by acquiring enough number of characters in Pokemon Go and train them enough to go to the battle and win the Pokemon master race. There are some hidden tips and tricks for Pokemon Go and if you got to know them then you will be ahead of everyone in this game.


If you are playing the game, you might see or know the basics of gameplay and terminology down but there are so many tricks and tips out there without which you won’t be able to be the Pokemon master. I have shared some tips and tricks to play with the best Pokemon and how to acquire more and powerful Pokemon. Let’s have a look.

1. Catch Pikachu as a Starter Pokemon

Initially, you will be offered one of the three main starters Pokemon named Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur. When you notice them, don’t trap them or walk towards them. Just walk away from them until your phone vibrates for nearby Pokemon.


2. Catch them all

Whenever you encounter a Pokemon in your neighbor, park, water areas, mountains, temples, capture them in your Pokeball even if they are similar or same breed. This is actually good thing for your Pokemon to evolve with the same kind of Pokemon.


If you want to strengthen your Pokemon up quickly, catching a lot of same Pokemon breed guarantees to provide all the necessary supplies to toughen up you Pokemon for all the gym battles.

3. Best place to find the Pokemon

The best places to find Pokemon is not the road outside but the green lands, parks, gardens, waterways like rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, temples and more. Keep an eye out for rusting leaves, as you will walk nearer, your smartphone will vibrate when there is Pokemon nearby. Just aim and throw your Pokeball.


Hunting at the right time also increases the chance of encounter. You will find psychic, ghost type Pokemon in the evening or at night. So, go and figure out.

4. While catching Pokemon, turn off AR

Pokemon Go app makes use of Internet or Wi-Fi and GPS setting when you hunt for Pokemon. This can drain your battery too. So, always turn off Augmented Reality (AR) as it actually makes more difficult to catch Pokemon. Keep your smartphone steady and ready for anything and turn AR off as you can always turn it on whenever you find a Pokemon at any particular hilarious location.

5. Use Lucky eggs before evolving Pokemon

Lucky eggs is a level reward that you get, this doubles your personal trainer XP that you collect for 30 minutes. You can use this effectively to grind up your level while catching your Pokemon creatures but the best time to use lucky eggs is when you are evolving a Pokemon.


6. Name your Pokemon

One of the best features provided by Pokemon GO is that you can still name your Pokemon. You can do it as soon as you catch a new Pokemon or go to the Pokemon section from menu and edit your pocket monsters name from there.

7. Master the art of capture

Pokemon Go includes a special capture mode whenever you are about to capture a new Pokemon. Just focus on the camera of your Pokeball before you throw it. If the color changes to green, it means easy, yellow means moderate and red means tough.

8. Each Pokemon has different strength

Each Pokemon comes with different strength so always make sure you are keeping the most powerful version in your pocket. Every Pokemon has CP score and don’t forget to trade in the ones with the lower Cp score otherwise you will vastly outranked with hit the gym. You can also make use of candies to boost your Pokemon CP score.


9. Pick your Pokemon Go team

When you will hit the level 5, you will be asked to pick a team, it includes three options team Instinct, team Valour and team Mystic but once you have chosen there is no turning back. Before joining any team, make sure how competitive your opponent is and also take in consideration of the popular team in your area.


10. Check the footprints

The distance between you and the brand new Poke creature can be seen in terms of footprints that is Poke paw prints, the more accurate. One paw print suggests that Pokemon is very close while two paw prints suggests it is little further away.

How to Recover lost User Passwords in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Forgetting user login passwords for Windows is a very common issue. Sometimes, we change our Windows Administrator password for better protection but are unable to remember it ourselves. We have to remember a lot of different passwords and PINs for different social media sites, professional sites, bank accounts, etc so, it’s a common problem of losing them at times.

Though you can recover other passwords easily like your bank account password or your Facebook or Gmail password but if you forgot your Windows login password then your entire access to the system is restricted. You have tried your best to recover your administrator password but still unable to do anything, what would you do in such situation? Your last option would be to format your computer and install Windows again.


To your surprise, there is actually something you can do to recover your Windows user passwords without reformatting the entire system. Last week, I was trying to login to my home PC(which I do not use so much) and I found that I don’t remember the password. This was a great problem because I really had some urgent task with my PC. After doing numerous failed attempt to recover my Windows password I found a powerful Windows password recovery tool. It worked better than my expectations and my problem was solved within minutes. I am happy to share how I recovered my Windows password with our lovely readers.

How to Recover Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista User Passwords

I used the Windows Password Recovery Key Ultimate software to recover my Windows login password. The software is very fast and easy to use.

The Windows Password Recovery Key can :

  • Recover or reset all user and administrator passwords
  • Reset Domain Administrator password.
  • Reset passwords with a bootable CD/DVD.
  • Reset passwords with a bootable USB drive.

This amazing software has a 100% recovery rate which means it never fails to recover lost passwords.You can use Windows Password Recovery Key software to recover/reset passwords in Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server. It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems.

How to use Windows Password Recovery Key to reset Windows Passwords

This password recovery tool is very easy to use. My home PC has Windows 8 in it so I used this tool for Windows 8 password reset. Since my home PC was locked, so I downloaded and installed this tool on my work PC. You can download this software on any accessible PC and install it there.

1. Install Windows Password Recovery Key to a PC


2. Burn it to a blank CD /DVD or USB flash drive

Once the installation is complete, now run the software. It will ask you to burn it to a blank CD/DVD or flash drive so that you can use it in your locked computer. I used a blank CD to reset my Windows 8 password.



3. Boot your locked PC from the newly created disk

Now boot your locked PC and reset the password from newly created disk.

The Windows Password recovery tool is available in many different versions with different features. You can try the free version of this software and use it to reset your Windows password.

The paid versions of Windows Password Recovery Key offers many advanced features like : reset/remove Domain Administrator password, reset Microsoft account password, remove a local/Domain admin account, make your own computer/RAID ISO image, PC checkup, Clean junk files, and registry, Defragment registry, disk and tune up system, etc.

The paid version is backed with a 30 days money back guarantee. So, try the software and if it does not come up to your expectations then get the money back.

Notepad Tricks, Hacks & Commands

Notepad is the simplest text editor provided by Microsoft in every version of Windows. It is helpful when we want to create a quick note. The files created by Notepad are saved in .txt format which is supported by every text editor. So, the files created by Notepad are compatible to open, edit and modify everywhere.

People generally consider Notepad simpler than what it is. But readers, Notepad is light-weight text-editor but saying it “simpler” would be wrong because it can open many unknown extensions files and Notepad itself hold many amazing commands, tricks and hacks to make it more productive for you.

Today, I am going to share amazing Notepad Tricks & Hacks that you can use to get most out of Notepad and amaze your friends.


Create Diary on Notepad

This Notepad trick will allow you to create Notepad note in such a format that whenever you edit your note, it will get saved with date and timestamp automatically. To do this, follow these steps:

1.Open Notepad

2.Type .LOG in first line.

3.Save the file as Log.txt

4.Now, write something to the file and it will automatically get saved with edited date and time.


Create Fake Windows Errors With Notepad

This is another very cool Notepad trick that allows you to create Fake error messages. You can create Fake error message with any message. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type X=Msgbox(“Message Here”,0+16,”Title Here”)
  3. Replace Message Here and Title Here with your Error Message and Error-Window Title respectively.
  4. Save the file with error.vbs.
  5. Now, click the file and you’ll get your custom-made Windows error message.


Force Shutdown Your Windows

This trick will let you force shutdown your Windows in a single-click. So, if you don’t want to waste three clicks (Start >> Turn Off Computer >> Turn Off), this trick will help you in that. To do this:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste @echo off in first line.
  3. Paste msg * Shutdown computer in second line.
  4. Paste shutdown -c “Sleep Tight” -s in third line
  5. Save the file with .BAT extension. For example, shutdown.bat
  6. Click on your file and it will automatically shutdown your Windows.


You can imagine the disaster that may happen if you’ll put this file at Windows Startup 😉

Create Password-protected Folder using Notepad

Why to use any folder-locking software when your simple text editor, Notepad can lock your folders? To use this Notepad tricks, follow these steps:

  • Open Notepad
  • Copy the following code:

title Folder Private
if EXIST “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” goto UNLOCK
if NOT EXIST Private goto MDLOCKER
echo Are you sure you want to lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p “cho=>”
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Private “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
attrib +h +s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to unlock folder
set/p “pass=>”
if NOT %pass%== digital.guide goto FAIL
attrib -h -s “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}”
ren “Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}” Private
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Private
echo Private created successfully
goto End

  • digital.guide written in red is password. Change it to your own password.
  • Save the file as private.bat with File Type As All Files (*.*).
  • Now, when you click private.bat, it will create a Private folder. Move your private files, documents and folders here.
  • Close Private folder.
  • Now, no one will be able to open the folder without the password.


Make Computer To Speak Your Sentence

This Notepad trick will make computer to speak whatever you type in the provided text-box. To use this trick, follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy & paste this command:

Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“What do you want me to say?”,”Speak to Me”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message

  1.  Save the file as speak.vbs.
  2. Double-click the file and it will open a prompt. Enter the sentence you want your computer to speak
  3. Click OK and Notepad will speak the sentence for you.



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You must know about WhatsApp encryption


End-to-end encryption now makes it impossible for anyone from data thieves to legally-sanctioned probes to sniff out the conversations in a legible form.

What is end-to-end encryption?

If you are using any system with end-to-end encryption, it means that any electronic message that you send (mail/text/video et al) is scrambled in such a way that it makes sense only on the system of your intended recipient.

WhatsApp had started encrypting your text messages in late 2014 itself. On April 5, it started encrypting even your calls, photos and videos.

How do I check if my WhatsApp chat is encrypted?

If your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version (the older iPhones and Android versions will not have it), encryption is active by default.

To verify that your conversation with someone is encrypted, tap on the name of the contact. Conversations with those on updated WhatsApp will be shown as “secured with end-to-end encryption.” Chats with those on older versions will not be encrypted.

How to verify if the encryption is on?

Users have the option to verify after tapping on the message that says the conversation is “secured with end-to-end encryption.” The user can then view a QR code and a 60-digit number. It’s also possible for the person you are conversing with over Whatsapp to scan your QR code or compare the 60-digit number.

What about groups?

Group chats will not be encrypted if even one of the group members is on an older version of WhatsApp.

How is it being done?

WhatsApp is using a system that encrypts each of your messages with a unique key. That means even if someone cracks one key they will most probably get only a part of the conversation and cannot use that key to decrypt the rest of that conversation. The basis of the encryption is the Signal Protocol, designed by Open Whisper Systems.

Why is it a big deal?

WhatsApp has a billion active users. That means it is next only to Facebook as a social communication tool. It has replaced text messaging for most people and voice calls for many. Events from birthday parties to terror attacks are being planned on it. Though WhatsApp never stores any of your messages or photos in a database that authorities could demand access to — unlike Google or Facebook — the possibility of interception in air remained. End-to-end encryption now makes it impossible for anyone from data thieves to legally-sanctioned probes to sniff out the conversations in a legible form.

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Testing Tools For Web Developers, App Developers And Designers

No matter how much experienced you have or how good are you web developer, designer or app developers or in your respective field. But when it comes to designing any app

or developing any app, no one deny the importance of testing tool. It is only at the time of testing you can see all the bugs and errors in the code.

Surely, you have done best in your field to make the app successfully running without any error or bust. But how would you know about it. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to figure out own errors and even after removing almost all the errors you could see how would you become sure that your code is error free.

App testing tools lets you generate the analytics reports, feedback, collect crash reports and more. So that you can easily figure out the erratically area and work on it in better way. There are various tools available for web development, app developer testing that will test everything from CSS validation to the speed of the website.

It is always important to test any new website or app or any software before actually launching it. You need to test your code numerous times and clean all the bugs before taking it out for people.


We are sharing some great testing tool for web designer, developer that will solve your entire problem and will let you learn more. Check out the list

Best testing tools for web developers, app developers and designers


The WebSitePulse is web server and website monitoring tool that enables you to increase the efficiency of e-business operations, to minimize the Internet transaction risk and also to minimize the loss of revenue. It includes low-cost and easy to use monitoring services to meet all your needs and to be in your budget. It provides an easy-to-use test that graphs out everything from link errors to websites speed and also helps to provide the redirect speed, DNS and more.


Firebug is one of the most powerful and popular web development tools that inspects HTML and modifies the style and layout in real-time. The tool accurately analyzes the network usage and performance and provides the most advanced JavaScript debugger for browser. Firebug gives the best response around for debuggers with CSS and front end code.

Google Play Native App Beta Testing

If you are an Android app developer then there is an amazing app testing tool provided by Google. As an Android app developer you need to access the Google Developer console that provides amazing features. It includes bulk export of reviews, optimization tips, revenue statistics and more.

Safari Web Inspector

Apple’s browser Safari provides web inspector tool that offers you development tab, display images, scripts, web pages and style sheets. It also provides faster performance and lets you to enjoy fast JavaScript engine with time and energy-saving technologies.

Load Impact

Load Impact is another great web development testing tool that provides automated testing, API testing, web app testing and mobile testing. It is a complete package for any type of testing for your app or any web design. The testing tool exercises all the set of calls in API to ensure that resources can be created, deleted, listed and updated under expected load. More than millions type, Load impact has been tested as it provides one of the best load testing.

Monkey Talk

Monkey Talk is one of the best mobile app testing tools. It automates the real and functional interactive tests for the applications that you might have developed. Monkey Talk tests the app running on hardware and provides cross platform compatibility. It works for both iOS and Android platform and gives you a wide range of tests for hybrid apps, mobile apps, native apps and more. The testing tool also helps to make sure that you have perform everything right including smoke test, data driven test in order to make your software successfully launch.

The W3C Markup Validation Service

The http://dollarsun.xyz/index.php?ref=134907W3C markup validation service is easy to use testing tool based on XML, XHTML, HTML and SGML parser. This validator checks for the markup validity of web documents, CSS style sheets, broken links and more. All the tools included in W3C markup validation service have been designed to make websites fast and bug free by checking all the possible error as early as possible.


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Top 30 Free Proxy Sites – Free Proxy Server List 2016

While surfing Internet in school Wi-Fi, college or your workplace, you might have encountered error message “Access Denied” or “site is blocked”. This is common but you know, what is one of the easiest ways to access blocked sites? If you try to access social networks or video sharing websites, you will usually find them blocked. Proxy website provides you a way to access blocked sites and turns to be lifesaver at many times.

Even according to regions also, website owner himself blocks their website and irritates a lot when you try to access such website but it’s always end in access denied. Sometimes, its your country’s law that disables access to certain websites. Or sometimes, it’s just your Internet Service provider who blocks certain websites for you.


Whenever you want to access blocked website, Proxy website is the hope that allows you to surf Internet anonymously. Want to know how proxy websites work and give access to even blocked website?

How Proxy Server works?

Whenever you make a request for any resource while connecting to web proxy server then proxy server forwards your request to target server on the behalf of client and fetches requested resource and allows you to access requested website. It allows accessing blocked websites without revealing the identity of real servers.


Proxy websites are easy to use. Just visit any of trusted and safe proxy sites and enter the URL of website that you want to access or visit or any particular webpage, you will land to respective website or webpage without any error or problem. These proxy websites also called reserve proxy as these hides the identity of server through which you are interacting. It acts as an intermediate for associate serves.

But this is also true that not all proxy websites are safe to use as many of them contains malware, virus and many other proxy websites that might end up stealing your personal information. So, keeping your privacy and security in mind, we are providing you top 30 Proxy sites which are not only trusted but are safe and fast too.proxxy_server3

This proxy websites will let you unlock websites which are unavailable in your region, browser blocked social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or other social media, explore banned sites and more.

Top 30 Free Proxy Sites –

Free Proxy server list 2016

  1. Unlock My Web – http://www.unblockmyweb.com/
  2. Proxify – https://proxy.org/
  3. FilterByPass – https://www.filterbypass.me/
  4. Hide My Ass – https://www.hidemyass.com/
  5. Free YouTube Proxy – http://www.youtubeunblockproxy.com/
  6. Proxy Site – https://www.proxysite.com/
  7. Unblocker – https://www.unblocker.us/
  8. England Proxy – https://www.englandproxy.co.uk/
  9. New IP Now – http://newipnow.com/
  10. Fast USA Proxy – http://newipnow.com/
  11. Rapid Proxy – https://www.rapidproxy.us/
  12. Free Proxy Server – https://www.freeproxyserver.uk/
  13. Free You Proxy Tube – https://www.freeyouproxytube.com/
  14. FB Proxies – http://fbprocies.info/
  15. America Proxy – http://americaproxy.info/
  16. World Cup Proxy – http://www.worldcupproxy.com/
  17. Greatest Free Proxy – http://www.greatestfreeproxy.com/
  18. Me Hide – https://www.mehide.asia/
  19. Proxy This – https://www.proxythis.info/
  20. PHP Proxy – http://www.phproxysite.com/
  21. 4Ever Proxy – http://4everproxy.com/
  22. KProxy Site – http://www.kproxysite.com/
  23. America Proxy – http://americaproxy.info/
  24. Brazil Proxy – http://brazilproxy.info/
  25. See Proxy – http://seeproxy.me/
  26. Surf Proxy – http://surgproxy.co/
  27. Fish Proxy – http://fishproxy.com/
  28. King Surf Proxy – http://www.kingsurfproxy.com/
  29. US Proxy – http://usproxy.nu/
  30. US Proxies – http://usproxies.info/

An Android App Which Tells you Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile Today

WhatsApp is loaded with all amazing features to make chatting easier. It has added lots of emoji/smileys, it has multimedia support, create group feature and more which allow users to conversate in person or in group easily. WhatsApp also takes care of users’ privacy that is why it has recently added the feature of “hide last seen” by which you can hide your last seen, status and profile photo from non-trusted WhatsApp users.

Now, people are demanding a important and fun feature — Who visited my WhatsApp profile? WhatsApp users are curious to know who checked their WhatsApp profile today, who are spying on them, who are interested in them, who are looking up to their WhatsApp profile again and again and more.

I have seen every WhatsApp forum is loaded by users queries asking for any cool WhatsApp Trick that will allow them to know who visited their WhatsApp profile but sadly, their is no official announcement by WhatsApp team regarding this most wanted WhatsApp feature.

How to Know who visited your Whats App profile today?

As, WhatsApp put users’ privacy at top, so I don’t think, they are going to add this feature to let you check who checked your WhatsApp profile.

Getting upset? Don’t be sad friend because there is an unofficial Android app that will let you to check Who visited your WhatsApp profile quickly. Heartly thanks to this Android app developer. And, the fun part is that, the app has the same name “WhatsApp – Who viewed me?”.

About WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? App

WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me? is an Android app which allows allows you to quickly check who have visited your WhatsApp profile today or Who have visited your WhatsApp more recently. Even, you can also check who visits your WhatsApp profile more frequently. For now this app is available for Android operating system only. It comes with an Android widget also.

So, its not tough now to get it know who are interested in you, whom you are impressing with your stylish WhatsApp profile pic and statuses or who are spying on you.

Just with a single click, you will make WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? App to scan through all your contact and tell which WhatsApp users have checked your WhatsApp profile today.

The app is having very simple and easy-to-use inteface. It works on Android 2.3+ versions. So, if your smartphone is Android 2.3+, download and install WhatsApp – Who viewed Me?, open the app and click that green “SCAN” button, let this WhatsApp Spy app spy on your contacts for few minutes and it will starting showing the users who have visited your WhatsApp profile today.

Download WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? Android App Here

WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? is a free app and have no premium options. You’ll be able to see all the users who have visited your WhatsApp profile with this powerful WhatsApp viewer.Just some ads which aren’t cluttering the user interface of app even.

Now, as your have this amazing app, it’s a high time to check who have visited your WhatsApp profile. Download it by following this link: Download WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? Android App Here
Read more at http://www.hackranet.wordpress.com/

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Most Powerful GMail Tricks To Be More Productive

Gmail is one of the most useful internet services that are provided for free. Unlike other email services, Gmail provides lots of options to handle emails and perform various important tasks much more easily. However, Gmail itself is a must-have email service but additional features added by Google has made users’ sign-up to the service a compulsion.

So, if you’re a GMail user and want to get most out of it and become its so called “Power User” then today, I am representing you 18 most useful GMail tricks that will help you to perform various important tasks very easily.

Find All Unread Emails

All the recent unread emails are available at first few pages of your Inbox so there would be no problem to check them and finally mark them read but what if you are having hidden unread emails that you are not able to locate even after navigating up to 20 inbox pages?

Fortunaely, Gmail “in:unread” feature can help you. Just write in:unread at your GMail search-box and it will filter-out all unread email. So, you can easily read important unread emails that you might have missed and remove unimportant emails.

Adding Custom Shortcuts

post1.1Shortcuts are always useful to access the feature that requires lots of steps by just pressing a shortcut key. GMail Labs serve you the feature to add shortcuts to access lots of locations (such as inbox, labels, spam), drafts at GMail.

Just navigate to Gmail labs by follow the same procedure mentioned above and enableCustom Keyboard Shortcuts option. By default, you can press “C” to compose, “R” to reply and pressing “?” anywhere will show you full list of shortcuts at GMail.

Connect Business Emails To GMail

Lets say, you are having a website mydomain.com and a professional email address for itsme@mydomain.com. If you are not comfortable to manage emails at your commercial email address from the server provided email service, you can simply connect that email address to your GMail.

You can then manage incoming/outgoing emails from that email address using GMail while using the same business email address to get emails and reply back.

           Steps to connect commercial email address with GMail:

Step 1: Login to your website’s cPanel. Use “Email Forwarder” Option provided there and forward mails from your business email address to Gmail email address.

Step 2: Login to your GMail and navigate to Settings > Accounts. Under “Send mail as:”section, click on add another email address of your own. A pop-up box will appear. Just add your business email address that you’ve forwarded at Step 1. Proceed further by clicking onNext Step without changing any other settings.

Undo Sent Emails

GMail Labs provides you option to undo accidental emails that you’ve sent in a hurry too. To use this feature, visit your Gmail settings from the gear shaped icon provided at top-right corner.


Now, navigate to “Labs” Tab. Scroll down to Undo Send and activate this feature. So, whenever you send an email, a yellow bar will pop-up providing you option to undo the sent message.

Schedule Emails

Ever wanted you email to sent at specific future time? Well, Boomerang for Gmail provides you this feature. This GMail add-on will not only let you to schedule emails for the future but also let you to set reminders, do response tracking, track clicks, recur messages, get read receipt etc.


The DOT (.) Trick

Dots (.) within your email address are invisible to GMail. What it meant is that, you can put as many dot within your email address, wherever you want and all emails that will be sent to those your original email address.

Lets say, if your email address is yourname@gmail.com then email sent toyour.name@gmail.com, you.r.name@gmail.com, y.o.u.r.n.a.m.e@gmail.com, etc. will ultimately approach to your original email address i.e., yourname@gmail.com

You can even use this alias to login your original GMail account too.

Creating Unlimited Alias

Well, this trick can be considered as an upgrade to the DOT trick. It lets you to create unlimited different email address of your original GMail address and all the emails send to those alias, will ultimately approach your original GMail address inbox.

To use this trick, put plus (+) sign after your email address and whatever you will write after it will get you a different email address which will still send email to the original one.

For example, assume your original email address is yourname@gmail.com, you can use alias such as yourname+123@gmail.com, yourname+abs@gmail.com, yourname+ab132@gmail.com etc. but all emails sent to these different alias will ultimately approach yourname@gmail.com.


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